Holistic Life Coaching

Jennifer Pilates Holistic Life Coaching

Holistic Life Coaching integrates body, mind, and spirit, helping to access your full potential and become a powerful creator of the life you desire and deserve to live!

Jennifer is a highly sought after Holistic Life coach who empowers clients worldwide to reach past doubts and fears to a place where they can achieve their goals and create the life of their dreams.

Jennifer specializes in working with clients who are seeking to find their life purpose, create a fulfilling lifestyle, and those looking to take their passion to a new level of happiness and success.

Holistic Life Coaching with Jennifer is all encompassing aligning mindset, goals, and lifestyle to ensure powerful transformations and lasting success!

Holistic Life Coaching with jennifer pilates

Holistic Life Coaching Session:

  • One 60-minute session via phone or Skype
  • Shift negative thinking patterns.
  • Develop the skills, confidence, and tools needed to release blockages from your life.
  • Identify what brings happiness to your life.
  • Learn to set and accomplish goals successfully.
  • All sessions take place over phone, email, and or via Skype.

Holistic Life Coaching “Check -In” Sessions:

This is the perfect session for existing coaching clients to keep-up on your new  journey.  In this 45-minute session you and Jennifer will track your progress, set new goals, and plan out how to maintain the progress you have attained.


If you are looking for straight-forward coaching, call Jennifer. There aren’t enough words to describe how talented she is and how much she helped in all areas of my life. – Sarah L.

Jennifer is awesome! I have been coaching with her for a few years and her sessions are always helpful. She has become a fantastic confident and friend. – Stephanie E.

Jennifer is very very gifted!! She is wonderful!! She has guided and me helped with specific situations! –  Jordan M.