Pilates for Dancers

Pilates for dancers with Jennifer PilatesThe Pilates Method serves as a wonderful complementary training for dancers by strengthening key muscles while helping to prevent injuries.  The emphasis on turnout and back extension sets the dancer up for weak abdominals. Early in his career, Joseph Pilates noted the characteristic of weak abdominals among ballet dancers of the New York City Ballet. He didn’t feel that the traditional standing barre routine addressed (but rather contributed to) this deficit. He built the “Reformer” as his “superior” supine version of barre exercise to allow better strengthening of core abdominal and lower extremity musculature.

The Benefits of JENNIFER PILATES Dancers Training Program:

  • One-on-One training focused 100% on you.
  • Customized training packages based on fitness needs, goals, and schedule.
  • Flexibility with training both in-studio and via Skype.
  • This isn’t a “one size fits all” Pilates training program. With Jennifer, each one-on-one training session is a customized equipment workout based on your body.  Every one-on-one training session will be different, informative, and results driven!

The Physical Benefits of Training with JENNIFER PILATES:

  • Improved postural awareness and control
  • Enhanced energy, mental concentration and breathing control
  • Increased core strength and muscular balance
  • Enhanced body awareness
  • Increased agility, mobility, and stamina
  • Decreased pain and tension
  • Stronger, longer, leaner, toned muscles
  • Increased circulation
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Preventative injury conditioning
  • Improved sleep patterns

High Profile-Celebrity Training: As a celebrity trainer, Jennifer has extensive experience working with high-profile clients seeking private training. Confidentiality is strictly observed.  Training is available in-studio, on location, and via Skype.

Jennifer Pilates Celebrity Trainer

*Rates and Availability Upon Request*