Pilates Retreats


Immerse yourself in the body-mind-spirit connection of Jennifer Pilates Retreats.

On our retreats, you will experience a feeling of being grounded, calmer and more in touch with yourself.  Jennifer Pilates retreats gives you the opportunity to share time, and inspiration with like-minded people from around the world.

Together we will begin the journey towards self-improvement and self-discovery through the mind-body connection of Pilates, Yoga and Inspirational Teachers.  This is an opportunity to remove yourself from the distractions of daily life and dedicate yourself to you.

Jennifer Pilates offers custom group, and private retreats around the world.  Location requests have included: Aruba, Malibu, Hawaii and the Caribbean to name a few.

Get excited for our 2018 – Pilates Retreat to Costa Rica! Request information below, space is limited!

Who’s ready for a retreat that brings you on a journey of self discovery, self confidence and a renewed zest for life? Imagine daily workouts with Celebrity Trainer-Jennifer Pilates, delicious healthy foods, and cocktails, in beautiful four star accommodations. Click below to make your 2018 retreat request!

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