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“Jennifer Pilates is an amazing trainer and motivator. Her focus and enthusiasm in getting you in shape makes you work hard to achieve results. Jennifer has been my private trainer for a couple years now, and I never miss her sessions, it’s exercise for my body and therapy for my mind. It is the most productive pilates session I have ever taken. Worth every penny.” ~ Nestor G.

“Jennifer is a true professional and her expertise in classical Pilates is second to none. She keeps training sessions fun, challenging and productive — and designed to produce results!” – Amy L.

“I have been studying Pilates for nine years and worked with many different instructors – Jennifer is at the top of the list. Not only is she an expert in Pilates, but understands physiology and is able to work with her clients in a personalized way so that each person gets a workout tailored to their bodies and issues. Jennifer’s classes and private sessions are top notch, fun and will make you stronger!” – Andrea K.

Jennifer has been a truly amazing instructor and I feel I have gotten a lot more out of Pilates in the last 2 months training with her, than I did all last Fall. She really made some wonderful modifications that have help me with my scoliosis and maximized my Pilates workouts. – Megan F.