Client Testimonials

Jennifer is a true professional and her expertise in classical Pilates is second to none.  She keeps training sessions fun, challenging and productive — and designed to produce results! ~ Amy L.

I have been working with Jennifer for only a few months but can tell a big difference already, although I have been doing Pilates for several years. Jennifer always has a well-planned workout for each session (I go twice a week), and she varies it so I and my muscles don't get bored.  Her positive and upbeat attitude are encouraging. If you're looking to strengthen your core, develop overall strength, and increase flexibility, you won't be sorry if you choose to work with Jennifer Pilates. ~ Sharon L.

Jennifer has been a truly amazing instructor and I feel I have gotten a lot more out of Pilates in the last 2 months training with her, than I did all last Fall.  She really made some wonderful modifications that have help me with my scoliosis and maximized my Pilates workouts. ~ Megan F.

I have been studying Pilates for nine years and worked with many different instructors –Jennifer is at the top of the list. Not only is she an expert in Pilates, but understands physiology, working with her clients in a personalized way where each person gets a workout tailored to their bodies and issues. ~ Andrea K.

I started training with Jennifer while I was preparing for a half marathon. I used Pilates training to supplement my non running days. During that period I trained with Jennifer as well as a couple of other instructors. No one was able to match the flow and intensity of Jennifer's classes. She is one of a kind. ~ Craig L.

THE BEST WORKOUT I’VE EVER HAD–no joke.  Everyone’s been noticing HUGE changes in how I look already!  I move through space with more balance & strength.  My clothes are fitting loser everywhere except for where I FINALLY have a butt! ~ Halina R.

Excellent Pilates instructor, caring, kind and knowledgeable.  Jennifer has a remarkable ability to connect with each individual client to bring out the best in them.  She is very in tuned with her peoples needs, goals and abilities!  I was hesitate due to arthritis in a knee, but the workout was adapted to strengthen all my body providing strength to support the knee, now I never even think about it.  ~ Sandra  S.

My husband and I are in our sixties and take classes with Jennifer several times a week.  Not only is the class fun, but it's also a terrific workout.  After a year with Jennifer we have developed stronger cores and increased stamina.  Her guidance has also helped us build endurance for weekly cycling, weight lifting and running. ~ Patricia G

Jennifer Pilates saved my life! I have been working out with Jennifer and her staff since October of 2006. I leave her studio with the feeling that my body, mind and spirit has been re-energized. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself – you have nothing to lose and so much to gain! ~ Laura P.

I have been a client of Jennifer’s since August of 2011, I have dropped 14lbs of fat, gained 6 pounds of muscle & lost 2 ½ inches just in my hips. I have started running again & find myself with more power & endurance - I work with her in the studio & via SKYPE - she’s amazing! ~ Krista G.