Client Testimonials

Jennifer is superb in all areas. Her intuitive abilities are sharp and accurate and her perspective, as far as advising, is completely professional. She’s more than a reader, she combines it with problem solving. An Amazing advisor! – Sara F.

Always EXCELLENT!!! Love getting updates from her and speaking with her. She’s got a real talent. – Cachina

A long time client of Jennifer's I was having a panic attack, she was able to clear my chakras over the phone, I felt calm instantly, she is the real deal! - Cal  Jennifer is highly in-tune to feelings and situations. She has been a savings grace for me for over the last couple of years. She has been accurate beyond belief!  - Kristi 

Jennifer is a top notch advisor. She has been “on the money” with everything since I have been reading with her. It’s incredible how she really gets it from all angles. Her advice on how to proceed is very professional and she cares a lot about the road you’re headed down. Jennifer is awesome, call her! – L.A.

Absolutely stunned right now. Jennifer told me exactly how communications would go between me and my POI and it happened exactly the way she said! Looking forward to her other intuitive insights playing out. Ty Jennifer! – Robyn

Jennifer,  I just wanted to say thank you for all that you have done for me. 2017 I was lost this year but with your help, you showed me that I had a voice and more. Thank you-thank you words can’t express how grateful I am for you. – Laurie

In my last session you were 100% right about what would happen. In this session you were 100% right about the present. The future is looking good. THANK YOU! – Marium

Jennifer is awesome! I have been working with her for a few years and her sessions are always helpful. She has become a fantastic confident and friend. – Stephanie E.

Amazing, accurate, compassionate! Jennifer is filled with details and every call validates her intuitive abilities somehow without prompting from me. I truly appreciate her gift! I highly recommend her.. TY! – Anna

Thank you so much Jennifer! You are so easy to talk to. You keep me grounded and make sure I see the true side of things! Thank you for being an incredible advisor! – Sarah N.

She has a real gift. I am always shocked at the details she gives of something that just happened to me or new things that are getting ready to happen and then they happen like she described. Very talented. – Kim

Jennifer is filled with so much information! And knows how to deliver it… I really look forward to her intuitive insights… highly recommended! – Auryn

I Love love talking to you! You always make me have so much more clarity, and I always feel such a sense of goodness after I speak to you! You are so amazing and give such a wise & honest intuitive session. Thank you so much Jennifer for all your great insights. Talk soon – Michelle

Jennifer, thank you so very much for your support and inspiration!  I love talking to you!   You make me laugh and that is a very special quality that I hold in high regard. – Steph G.