Pilates Training with Jennifer


Private Pilates Training

With Jennifer Pilates, your exclusive private training will take place in-studio, on location and or via SKYPE.  All private training is by appointment only.  When integrating Pilates as part of your training, you will experience a complete mind, body, and spirit results driven workout! As a celebrity trainer, Jennifer has extensive experience working with high-profile clients seeking private training. Confidentiality is strictly observed. 


Pilates Private Group Class

These aren't “one size fits all” Pilates group classes. With Jennifer, each small group Pilates class is customized using various Pilates equipment and props based on your body. Every Pilates group class is different, informative, and results driven! Request your private group class with Jennifer Pilates for your next: retreat, special occasion or private party.


Healing Through Pilates

The body is an intelligent system with powerful self-healing capabilities. Intuitive healing creates the space for the body to achieve a state of natural balance which in turn, leads to healing and relief.

Clients have used Energy Healing: during times of transition, to help with recovery from  injury or surgery, to ease stress, help with sleep, to get clear on current job/emotional/relationship stress, for inspiration, for relaxation....the possibilities are limitless!  It's a great compliment to a Pilates session or in a separate session of it's own.

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